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COVID-19 Update - First FDA-Approved Transparent N99+ Mask with UV-C Sterilizing Now Available

Article publié le Monday 6 July 2020.
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Face masks have become a massive part of society due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the "new normal" that followed, wherein people can’t enter various establishments without a mask on.

While masks help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there are indeed a few disadvantages, such as masking your identity and some people saying who find it difficult to breathe, especially with a mask on for a few hours straight.

New transparent N99+ mask (JPG)

The LEAF mask has a few different features, including UV-C light and active ventilation.

New transparent N99+ mask

With that, thousands were immediately interested in a new smart mask that Redcliffe Healthcare in Detroit is planning to distribute called the LEAF Mask.

According to Yanko Design, the LEAF Mask is the first FDA-registered transparent smart mask with a few helpful features such as an N99-standard air-filtering capacity and a self-purifying function with the help of the UV-C light that ensures the wearer is more protected against the coronavirus.

UV light is believed to be a great way to sanitize and probably even kill coronavirus—and according to CNET, research from the National Academy of Sciences suggests that it could disinfect various surfaces and even water.

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Perfect for face recognition

Nevertheless, perhaps the most significant feature of the LEAF mask is its transparent aesthetic. With it, one can easily communicate with family and friends, especially with people who have difficulty hearing and rely on lip-reading to communicate with others. You can also easily unlock your device with face recognition without removing your face covering.

In a report by The Wall Street Journal, certain devices, most especially iPhones, have had a difficult time unlocking devices via face recognition as the nose and mouth aren’t visible.

However, it seems like tech companies are trying to find ways to surpass the hurdle. With the LEAF mask, the solution is now more straightforward. The mask also has an anti-fogging feature to ensure it doesn’t fog up inside as you talk and keep the view of your mouth clear.

Where can you get the LEAF Mask?

The mask is also the world’s first transparent mask that has an N99+ HEPA/HEPA carbon filters for active ventilation, which ensures that you don’t accumulate and inhale carbon dioxide that is poisonous and could cause health problems.

Best of all, you can connect it to an app that tells you the quality of the air around you, which is extremely important as COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that also attacks other parts of the body.

The mask is made from medical-grade silicone, so it should be made for long-term use, something that could also help avoid pollution from disposable surgical masks. The filters, meanwhile, can last about a month. You can also buy a few extra filters that will last you a few months.

As of now, you can get the mask for $49 on its Indiegogo page, but there are also a few other packs you can get, including a $499 Luxe LEAF Mom’s pack that includes two LEAF UV, two LEAF Pro, and eight filters. It comes in different sizes to fit babies and adults.

Source : https://www.techtimes.com/articles/250624/20200626/covid-19-update-first-fda-approved-transparent-n99-mask-with-uv-c-sterilizing-now-available.htm

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