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Article publié le Friday 8 May 2009.
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Help us inform professionals and policy makers throughout the world on the best ways to support families with a deaf child.

The UNAPEDA joins

* the american association Hands and Voices, * the australian association Aussie Deaf Kids, * the english association NDCS,

to support the survey about the needs of the family whith a deaf or hard of hearing child.

When a child is identified with a hearing loss, parents and professionals need to work together in the best interest of the child and family. We are, therefore, seeking feedback from parents around the world on the most effective and appropriate family support practices available. Every family’s support needs and experiences are important.

To help us understand the support needs and experiences of your family, we would appreciate it if you could take 10 minutes to complete our survey. The results of the survey will be used to produce formal recommendations for Best Practices in Family Support. This document will be presented at NHS 2010 - the final worldwide newborn hearing screening conference in Como, Italy.

To start the survey : click here

Thank you for your participation!

For parents who are unable to complete the survey online, please download and print the survey and return to Ann Porter at the address below.

Who is carrying out this survey?

Under the trees at the NHS 2008 Conference in Como, delegates from the various parent groups who were present had a meeting. We felt it was time to bring the parent agenda to the table at NHS 2010

And so GPOD was formed - a Global Coalition of Parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing - with the goal of "promoting improved systemic protocols and practices which encourage informed choice and the empowerment of families with a deaf child throughout the world."

(JPG) The participants in this first gathering were (L-R): Ruth Wallace (UK), Pauline Walker (UK), Roz Keenan (Australia), Ann Porter (Australia), Jodi Cutler Del Dottore (Italy), Janet Des Georges (US), Leeanne Seaver (US) and Sean Moran (UK).

The organizers of NHS 2010 have encouraged and supported our vision and have given parents the opportunity to inform professionals and policy makers throughout the world on the most effective and appropriate family support practices at NHS 2010.

Contact :

Ann Porter
Email: ann.porter@aussiedeafkids.org.au
Phone: 02 9566 4060
Address:35 Wharf 8
56a Pirrama Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009

You can also send GPOD Survey to ;
Questionnaire GPOD
29200 BREST
Tél : 0820 36 04 02
Mail : GPOD Survey

Web sites

-  Aussie Deaf Kids


-  Hands & Voices

-  NSH 2010

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