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New Technologies and their role in the field of deafness - 30 and 31 May 2009 at Saint Hilaire de Rietz.
Article publié le Tuesday 28 April 2009.
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UNAPEDA : The French association of parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.

New Technologies and their role in the field of deafness
30 and 31 May 2009 at Saint Hilaire de Rietz.

The UNAPEDA is organising ’family days’ with the support of associations for parents of hearing-impaired children from the Vendee and Loire Atlantique at Saint-Hilaire de Rietz in the Vendée region.

The theme chosen for these meetings is ’New Technologies and their role in deafness’.

The family days for this year will follow on from the conference ’Deafness and New Technology’ organised on the same theme at Nantes on Friday 29 May.

Family Days aim to allow families to consider, in a welcoming and agreeable venue, the ways in which responsibility is taken for their children in their pathways for participation in education, leisure, culture and socialisation as well as in professional training and employment.

The use of new technologies in communication within the family; to analyse the limitations and contributions; to exchange concerns between families with the same problem; to take advice from professionals or experienced parents - there are so many possibilities offered by the sixth programme of family days organised by UNAPEDA.


Saturday Morning

The consequences of early diagnosis and new technologies on the responsibility and support of families. What information should be provided for families. A workshop run by Michel Pons, representing UNAPEDA in the work of HAS ( Top Authority in Health) regarding good practice when dealing with children from 0 to 6 years old.

Speakers: Doctor Leman - doctor O.R.L. Phoniatre Lille
Contributions by parents.

Saturday afternoon

Technology has changed during the last few years, has its role in the care of children evolved also? What use can be made for new technologies in communication and provision of information for the assistance of hearing-impaired children? Is there still a need for support?

Organiser - Nicole Gargam, Vice-President of UNAPEDA

Speakers: Martine Frison, chief executive of SAFEP from the Persagotiere institute in Nantes, and a speaker from FISAF ( Fédération Nationale pour l’Insertion des Personnes Sourdes et des Personnes Aveugles en France - National Federation for the Integration of Persons Deaf and Blind in France).
Experiences and discussion

Sunday Morning

Community participation ("Vie associative" in french ) and new technologies on the internet. Organisation of Net Discussion Forum.

Organiser: Michel Kerdiles, President of UNAPEDA.

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