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Article publié le Monday 11 November 2013.

Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf (MC-SAID) is dedicated to the total development of each deaf child who comes under her care and direction. We believe that within each deaf child lies the same potential for future growth that is inherent in all children.

MC-SAID provides an environment which will nurture and render fruitful the talents and creativity which we believe each child possesses. Philosophy of Education

Being ever mindful that a deaf child’s handicap is language deprivation, MC-SAID is guided by the principle of Total Communication. This is a multilevel approach to the education of the deaf child to all forms of communication available in order that it may develop goals of language competence and scholastic success.

Total Communication includes all language modalities: child-devised gestures, the formal language of signs, speech, speechreading, fingerspelling, amplification of residual hearing, reading and writing.

The full commitment of MC-SAID to the Total Communication philosophy and approach to learning for the young deaf learners has opened the minds and hearts of young deaf children and their parents to a new means of communication, essential for a normal psycho-social development


MC-SAID offers academic programs from pre-school to high school. Special learning areas such as speech and Auditory Training, Rhythm, Sign Language and other essential components in the education of the deaf child are integrated in the curriculum.

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