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After the meeting of June 19, our concerns persist....

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Article publié le Thursday 6 July 2006.
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Deaf students: our steps succeed....
But.... our concern remains on several points.


Deaf students: our steps succeed.....

The UNAPEDA and associations managers of the services participated on Monday June 19, 2006 in a meeting of presentation of the future agenda and procedures of implementation of the new plan which will replace the financing of the AGEFIPH for the support of the handicapped students.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry responsible for social security, the elderly, people with disabilities and the family and the Ministry for Education, Higher Education and Research.

For the academic year 2006/2007, funds of 5 million euros will be made available to be administered by the National Organisation of Solidarity for Autonomy (CNSA) and by National Education.

We are pleased with this participation of the CNSA: UNAPEDA has formulated and addressed a national file and a request to the Organisation as of May 2005.

A national steering committee, chaired by the Interdepartmental Delegate for the disabled, Mr. Patrick Gohet, who organised this meeting, will be set up and will direct the project of financing.

The students who have already profited from support during 2005/2006, will benefit for 2006/2007 from the same mode of services.

The central role of the universities is recognized together with the position of management services for student support with which they will establish procedures.

If necessary, the payments could be made directly to the associations which provide services.

For 15 years, consulatations have been established between our associations and the universities : these bonds will be able to be reinforced for a greater coherence and effectiveness.

But.... our concern remains on several points.

- The continuity of the means of support:
What will become, for a limited period, of the teams currently working which have responsibility for student support, the assistance of graduates under examination, the preparation for university entrance because the former means of financing will end on June 30 and the new procedures of financing will not be operational ?

- The arrangements for new graduates must be pronounced by the CDAPH :
Taking into account the difficulties of installation of these departmental commissions and delays in the formulation of the procedures, it is not realistic, for the start of the new term to put into practice the new support proposals to enable these decisions to be operational.

- The assumption of responsibility for the support of students outside of Universities
In 40 to 50% of the cases, the students do not follow a university pathway and are isolated in an establishment which corresponds well to their draft study but does not have the logistics for the assistance for special needs of the Universities. The special supports implemented are however sometimes very considerable and financially exceed the averages proposed.

L’UNAPEDA invites all those who have a position of influence with public authorities to continue with their campaigning to help ensure that the present practices for support continue until the new proposals are fully operational. In order to reinforce this mobilization, we invite you to continue to sign and sign our petition on line on our site

UNAPEDA encourages students and their families to accelerate their approaches to the Commissions of the Rights and the Autonomy of Disabled People (CDAPH) so that the new directions are established as soon as possible.

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